Fetal Therapy and Surgery Course (For English and Spanish Speakers)



Fetal interventions are becoming less invasive and require training and experience for optimal results. The Fetal Therapy Simulation Course provides an excellent opportunity to explore these techniques in detail, to gain hands-on experience with the instruments and procedures, and to acquire the necessary skills and avoid complications.

All of our professors are specialists in Maternal Fetal Medicine and perform comprehensive fetal therapy with experience from some of the most important fetal medicine centers in the world.

The procedures will be carried out using maternal and fetal simulation models with maximum resolution and allow a real experience, in turn, during the course participation in the Fetal Therapy Board will be allowed to live in a real way.

This course is suitable for specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, fetal medicine, or interventional radiologists who perform fetal interventions. Participants will also be included in the network of the Latin American Center for Fetal Therapy to share and discuss difficult cases in the future.

The course will include Hands ON workshops on:

– Amniocentesis, Cordocentesis


– Fetoscopic laser

– Tracheal occlusion

– Fetal shunts

– Fetal blood sample

– Cord occlusion (bipolar, RFA and interstitial laser).

– Tracheal Occlusion for diaphragmatic hernia

– Myelomeningocele

We want to welcome you now, we are sure that we will achieve an environment of academic immersion that will allow us to ensure the learning of all attendees.

We hope you will consider participating.

The main objective  of the Master Class in Fetal Therapy and Surgery is to offer an intensive training to the assistants that allows an understanding of the techniques of fetal therapy and surgery from the parameters of Maternal Fetal Medicine starting with the indications, pathologies susceptible to intervention, knowledge of fetoscopy instruments and achieve the acquisition of skills to perform validated fetal therapy procedures.




Specific objectives:

At the end of the Master Class, participants will be able to:

  • Performing invasive ultrasound-guided diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy, cordocentesis.

  • Performing fetal therapy guided by ultrasound and punctures.

  • Evaluation, definition and application of fetal shunts.

  • Know and manipulate fetoscopy equipment, laser.

  • Know and manipulate the equipment for the realization of laser photocoagulation of placental vessels.

  • Know and manipulate the equipment for performing endotracheal occlusion in diaphragmatic hernia.

  • Discuss indications for validated fetal therapy

  • Discuss fetal therapy in experimentation.



This training program is made for professionals specialized in Maternal Fetal Medicine, Fetal Medicine, Obstetricians with certification in fetal interventionism as a discipline integrated into prenatal diagnosis and includes:

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists

  • Fetal Medicine Specialists

  • Obstetricians certified in fetal interventionism.

  • Interventional Radiologists

 Click Here – Brochure – Fetal Therapy and Surgery: Advanced Course




High fidelity simulation is one of the fundamental pillars of the Master Class and is a development applied by Dr. Mauricio Herrera that ensures the acquisition of skills in Fetal Therapy and Fetal Surgery.


We use the best simulators in the world applied to fetal surgery and therapy. These simulators allow the performance of procedures with the maximum reality for surgery and validated fetal therapy such as:


1. Amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy, Cordocentesis

2. Fetoscopy, access techniques.

2. Photocoagulation of planetary vessels for the treatment of FTFF

3. Umbilical cord ligation

4. Balloon endoscopy tracheal occlusion for intrauterine management of diaphragmatic hernia

5. Insertion of thoraco-amniotic and vesicoamniotic shunts

6. Myelomeningocele.

7. Treatment of lower urinary obstruction.


Hands On Sessions

Hands On Session Ultrasound - Fetoscopic Tecniques

Hands On Session Ultrasound - Guide Procedures


Official language: English and Spanish

Place of the course:

        Colombia University Clinic – Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine

        Colsanitas Clinic

        Bogota Colombia

  • Target audience

       This course is designed for specialists in:  (15 Specialists)

         – Maternal Fetal Medicine

         – Fetal Medicine

         – Obstetrician-gynecologists with dedication to prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy

         – Interventional Radiologists

  • Continuing Medical Education:

  This course is planned and implemented with International educational strategies in accordance with international education and accreditation policies. This Course is considered as Category 1.
The credits assigned to professionals who attend the entire course will be 30 credits.

  • High Fidelity Simulation Sessions – Hands ON:

Hands ON sessions for fetal therapy procedures include validated fetal therapy procedures, for which we use the most advanced simulators, which allow the acquisition of skills in a guaranteed way in fetal therapy, fetoscopy and ultrasound-guided procedures.

  • Your enrollment in the Fetal Therapy Master Class assures you:

       1. Original academic material.

       2. ONLINE academic material.

       3. High fidelity simulation sessions for pathology and validated fetal therapy.

       4. Sessions Real Anatomical Correlation, fetal anatomical dissection.

       5. Participation in the International Board of Maternal Fetal Medicine live.


Course Director:



Mauricio Herrera M

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Fetal Cardiology – Fetal Neurology – Fetal Therapy

Head MMF Clínica Colsanitas – Keralty

Global CEO Momprenatal

President FIMMF

ISUOG Fellow

  • Mauricio Herrera 

  • Mario Rebolledo

  • Johanna Soto

  • Jennifer Guevara

  • Ciro Casadiego

  • Juan Javier López
  • Surgical Assistant Fetal Surgery

  • FIMMF, International Speakers 
  • FIMMF, Fetal Therapy and surgery network



The rates are in US dollars, you must pay the value in exchange for the dollar per day in Colombia. Before making your payment you must send your CV to be accepted.

Your registry include

  • Syllabus and study material.
  • Breakfasts and lunches.
  • Attendance at the International Board of Maternal Fetal Medicine.
  • Hands On Sessions in: Amniocentesis, Cordocentesis, Chorionic Villus Biopsy, laser in Fetal Medicine, Fetal Surgery and Fetoscopy Instruments, Fetal diversions.
  • Participation in Live Cases of Fetal Therapy.


For Registry you have to write an email to: jfsanche@unisanitas.edu.co, with your application and CV. By answer you will recieve the aceptation and the instruction for the payment




Colombia University Clinic – Maternal Fetal Medicine Department

Auditorium – Medical Club

Dates: October 5-9, 2022

Bogotá Colombia


Mauricio Herrera M

Jefe Medicina Materno Fetal

Clínica Colsanitas

Global CEO Momprenatal

Presidente FIMMF

Comité Científico

Centro Latinoamericano de Terapia Fetal –

Clínica Colsanitas

Aval Científico



•Clinica Colsanitas


Clinica Colsanitas

Fernando Sanchez